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 Extraordinary meeting of the Executive Board of the A-WEB

CEC Shri Rajiv Kumar chaired Extraordinary meeting of the Executive Board of the Association of World Election Bodies at Capetown, South Africa on 18th October,2022

Release of the latest edition of A-WEB India Journal of Elections

The Commission released the latest edition of A-WEB India Journal of Elections. It’s a prestigious international publication containing researched articles, papers & contributions from across the A-WEB community

International Webinar on Enhancing Electoral Participation

International Webinar on “Enhancing Electoral Participation of Women, PwDs & Senior Citizens: Sharing Best Practices & New Initiatives” 

International Webinar on Enhancing Electoral Participation

International Webinar on “Enhancing Electoral Participation of Women, PwDs & Senior Citizens: Sharing Best Practices & New Initiatives” 

IEVP 2021

ECI hosts International Virtual Election Visitors Programme (IVEP) 2021 for Election Management Bodies (EMBs)/Organisations from 26 countries  and three International Organisations.

International Webinar

International Webinar on ‘Issues, Challenges and Protocols for Conducting Elections during COVID-19 : Sharing Country Experiences’ organised on 21st September 2020

IEVP 2020

ECI hosts International Election Visitors Programme 2020 for Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections  [05- 07 November 2020] 

India Chairs A-WEB

CEC, Sh Sunil Arora was elected as the new Chairman of Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) for the term 2019-21 as India took over the Chair from Romania at the 4th General Assembly of A-WEB

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    The person with Disabilities App


    Election Commission of India has been constantly focussing on providing better services to Persons with Disabilities through various mediu. In the world of technology innovation, the mobile application has taken a front seat. Many of the PwD effectively use the mobile application for day to day living. 

    In order to facilitate the Persons with Disability, the Election commission of India developed an android based mobile application, the PwD App. An eligible person with a disability or reduced mobility / physical functions can get enrolled in electoral roll by declaring themselves as a person with a disability. Upon receiving the request from PwD electors/ voters, the election commission will ensure that the booth level officer will reach the doorstep delivery of electoral services. 

    The PwD app facilitates PwD Voters in verifying their names in the electoral roll, enrolling them, getting their name, address and photograph corrected. To do this, mobile accessibility features like voice-over prompts, high contrasting interface, and easy navigation features were developed in the app. The user interface was kept very simple. The PwD user enters the mobile number and address and the information travels down to Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) in minutes and ERO in-turn allocate the case to Booth Level Officer to visit the home of the PwD user to get the form filled up. During the whole process, PwD App user can use the reference number to track their application status. 


    1. pwd3.jpg.10364ea471efc458912365be24406422.jpgInform About Your Disability: The App allows the person with disabilities to mark themselves as PwD voter by entering their EPIC number only and it will automatically fetch their details. Voice Access and select to speak features are also available for the visually impaired person. 
    2. Request For New Voter ID Registration: This allows the PwDs to register as a new voter with the minimal information. Registration will only require the name and address of the person and the rest of the work would be done by the Election Commission by providing doorstep facility, i.e. BLO would be assigned and visit the home of the PwD user to get the form filled up.
    3. Request For Transfer:  When a voter relocates from one geographical location or one constituency to another, their voting districts or state also changes, to handle the transfer process, PwD app provides the option to the user to raise the transfer request. 
    4. Request For Updation: Any correction, addition, or deletion in voter ID card can be done using a “Request for Updation” feature. 
    5. Request For Wheelchair: The PwD user can raise the request for wheelchair-using this feature of the mobile app by clicking the option after login using the mobile number. 
    6. Find Polling Booth: The booth locator feature incorporated and integrated Google Maps, to ease the PwD voters to reach polling stations. It helps the voters to find the polling booth location and directs them to the booth location from the current location. 
    7. Interaction Controls: The TalkBack feature allows interaction using speech, vibration, and audible feedback for users who are unable to operate smartphones. The enlarged graphics like text and icons, High contrast themes, Structured headlines, and better typography enhances the readability of the content.
    8. Easy To Use: This App has been designed keeping easy and interactive user interface in view. The content has been classified based upon the user's disability. PwD users with minimal technical knowledge can easily use the app to claim all the benefits like the request for a wheelchair, mark as PwD, etc.
    9. Candidate List: One of the important features of the app is the availability of the contesting candidate list on the app. The PwD voter can find the list of their candidates. Once the list is finalised, the PwD voter can know the list which is exactly as per the ballot paper. The blind user can hear the candidate list along with the position in the list. 

    pwd4.jpg.db4e0bd306144807a547556e91538b6e.jpgProcess Flow
    To use the features of the PwD mobile app, voter opens the app in mobile and login in the app using mobile number and OTP functionality. A voter can select the feature by clicking on the Home screen as mentioned below -  

    1. Login
      1. Launch Mobile App
        1. Enter Mobile Number
        2. Enter OTP received
        3. Submit
    2. PwD Home
      1. Request for Marking as PwD
        1. Enter EPIC Number
        2. Search
        3. BLO Contact Details displayed
      2. Request for New Voter Registration
        1. Enter Voter details
        2. Submit
      3. Request for Transfer
        1. Select Current AC, Transfer AC
        2. Submit
      4. Request for Change (Correction, Deletion)
        1. Enter EPIC Number
        2. Search
        3. Enter Voter details to be changed
      5. Request for wheelchair
        1. Enter EPIC Number
        2. Search
        3. User details fetched
        4. Submit 
      6. Candidate
        1. Candidate List displayed
        2. Filter details election wise
      7. Register Complaints
        1. Select relevant details
        2. Enter Complaint
        3. Submit
      8. Search Polling Official
        1. Enter EPIC Number
        2. Search
        3. BLO, ERO, DEO details fetched based on EPIC number
      9. Booth Locator
        1. Enter EPIC Number
        2. Search
        3. Navigate to the polling station
      10. Check Status
        1. Enter Complaint Id
        2. Submit
      11. Read/ View Articles
        1. Articles are displayed

    pwd2.jpg.483f0e00834a44e43dbc399f5ac8ddd4.jpgThe outcome of the application

    In order to facilitate voting by PwDs electors, Commission has started some critical and focused initiatives like providing wheelchair facilities during elections, volunteer assistance in the booth, and transport to the polling station. Further, to facilitate visually impaired people, the Commission has introduced a very important feature in the PwD application, which reads out the full candidate list with name and serial number to the voter. In addition, the voter can select the desired number from the ballot list and cast their vote with ease. 47,727 requests for marking themselves as PwD have been received from the app. Till today 3,105,355 user has viewed their PwD status.

    The Application is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded using the given link:

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