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    Voice International October 2021 | Volume IV | Issue 4 The present issue of VoICE International showcases the use of technology by EMBs in their electoral processes and procedures as well as spreading awareness. The issue includes global perspective, updates, announcements, events and also a ‘Recap’ section that takes us through a journey on the technogical initiatives adopted by the EMBs in the recent past. Contents Features (Technology) Leveraging Technology for Election Management & Voter Facilitation: Indian Experience Using Technology in Training at Elections Manitoba Easy & Voter Friendly Elections Using New Technology Smart Phone Apps and Fairer Elections: The Potential of cVIGIL Features New Ways of Reaching out to the Target Groups Archi the Hedgehog – the Electoral Superhero Special Voting Arrangements (SVAs): Between the Convenience of Voting and the Integrity of Elections Conducting State Legislative Assembly Elections 2021 in India Global Perspective Technology in Elections: Global Perspective Updates MEC Reviews Implementation of its Strategic Plan Elections and Covid-19: How Special Voting Arrangements were Expanded in 2020 Voter registration in the time of Covid-19: Suggestions for safe registration practices in Timor-Leste On Global Elections Day, Youth Voices are More Important than Ever Leveraging New Technologies to make Civic and Electoral Information Accessible Preliminary Report on social media monitoring in Moldova highlights the need to regulate online political campaigning Social Media Strategies for Election Management Bodies Recap E-Elections in Brazil A Digital Tool for Tracking and Monitoring in the Popular Consultation Facebook As a Tool for Election Awareness and Education Using Digital Technology and Social Media for Voter Education Malawi Successfully Migrates to Biometric Voter Registration System Cambodia Launches Online Name Search Service for Voters Assistive Digital Technologies in Russian Elections: Application Practices and Development Prospect Announcements Sushil Chandra takes over as the 24th CEC of India Covid-19 Vaccination drive taken up by the ECI Election Commission of India organizes International Election Visitor Programme (IEVP) Events Election Commission of India celebrates 11th National Voters’ Day Webinar Series: Democratic Resilience in Europe During a Pandemic Improving Voting Procedures from Postal Voting to Online Voting Museum of Democracy inaugurated in Tunis Webinar | Recent European Elections During The Pandemic: Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine Almedalen Democracy Summit 2021 Bridging the Divide 2021 Democracy Week - Stronger together: Partnerships for supporting democracy Sixth Annual Melbourne Forum on Constitution-building in Asia and the Pacific Publications Partnerships for supporting democracy Taking Stock of Regional Democratic Trends in Europe Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic Special Voting Arrangements in Europe: Postal, Early and Mobile Voting Women’s Political Participation: Africa Barometer 2021 Women’s Political Participation: Africa Barometer 2021 Conducting Elections During Pandemic - A Photo Journey A-Web India Journal of Elections 99 My Vote Matters – Special Issue 2&3 VoICE International 99 Electoral Rights of Environmentally Displaced Persons Glossary & Quiz
  2. 23 downloads

    This issue of Voice international brings to you a very rich experience from different countries such as Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Fiji, India, Lesotho, Malawi, Moldova and other countries. Features Argentina Electoral Challenges in the times of Pandemic Belarus Belarus holds Elections during the Pandemic Bosnia and Herzegovina Strategies for Managing Elections amidst Pandemic Croatia Elections in the times of Pandemic Croatian Experience Fiji Managing Elections amidst Pandemic: Fijian Experience India Redefining Election Management amidst Pandemic: Indian Experience Lesotho Strategies for Managing Elections in Pandemic Malawi Malawi goes for Presidential Elections amidst Pandemic Moldova Training of Electoral Officials in Moldova amidst Pandemic International IDEA Chronological Analysis of COVID-19 on Elections IFES Preserving Electoral Integrity during an Infodemic Inclusion & Meaningful Participation amidst COVID-19 Legal Considerations when Delaying or Adapting Elections Election Considerations in Pacific during an Infodemic Safeguarding Health Elections amidst COVID-19 Global Perspective International Experiences in Conducting Elections during COVID-19 Insights Risk Mitigation measures for National Elections during COVID-19 Communication Guidelines for EMBs during COVID-19 Co-operation with Civil Society during the Pandemic Lessons from Elections during COVID-19: Republic of Poland Endeavours Educating Youth via Winter School in Georgia NEC shares Election Disinfection Experience with Kyrgyz Republic Malawi holds BRIDGE Course for New Commissioners IIIDEM conducts training amidst the ‘new normal’ in Pandemic Webinars Sharing Experienes on Issues, Challenges and Protocols for Conducting Elections during COVID-19 Poll Station Management during a Pandemic How can EMBs Manage Turnout during a Pandemic? Strategies for International and Domestic Election Observation in Asia during COVID-19 Global Election Updates International IDEA’s Global Monitor tracks impact of COVID-19 Guidelines for Electoral Activities during COVID-19 Parliamentary Elections held in Kyrgyz Republic Dominican Republic conducts Extraordinary General Elections Mongolia Conducts Parliamentary Elections ECI hosts International Election Visitors Programme Cambodia launches online name search service for voters Rapid response protects Serbian Voters in National Elections Publications VoICE International launches Volume IV Issue I Report on COVID-19 & Democracy Calls for urgent measures My Vote Matters Vol II Issue 1 released Indigenous Peoples’ Rights In Constitutions Assessment Tool Maintaining Safety and Trust in Elections during the Pandemic IDEA-Parliaments and Crisis: Challenges and Innovations Political Parties during Lockdown and Social Distancing Glossary & Quiz
  3. 22 downloads

    In this Issue, we share global perspectives on 'Strategies for Bridging the Gaps in Voter Participation.' There are interesting articles, stories and experiences from Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Kazakhastan, Myanmar, Nepal, Ukraine, International IDEA, IFES, etc. Some of the topics touched upon, include enhanced electoral participation through accessibility initiatives, and the experience of compulsory voting towards the same objective. The issue also reproduces a ‘Question and Answer Session” on Gender Equality in Elections with Ms Viktoriia Hlushchenko, the Central Election Commissioner of Ukraine. This issue also reports on various important events in India in connection with the National Voters' Day celebration. On that occasion, we instituted an Annual Lecture Series to celebrate the seminal contribution of' the architect of the Indian Electoral System, Mr Sukumar Sen. Mr. Sen, as first Chief Election Commissioner of India, led the Commission in the conduct of the first two General Elections in India in 1952 and 1957. He was also Chairman of the International Electoral Commission in Sudan for the first Parliamentary Elections in 1953.
  4. 24 downloads

    This issue of Voice international brings to you a very rich experience on the subject from different countries such as Georgia, Russia, IFES(Ukraine), Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Nepal, Tunisia, and other countries. We , in India, have recently conducted General Elections 2019. Marked with robust innovation, new initiatives and state-of-the-art technologies, the experience is shared through a set of comprehensive articles in the Issue. Further, the Issue also brings to you election updates and several other related readings of interests from across the world.
  5. 16 downloads

    “Voter Education for Informed & Ethical Voting” is important for health of democracy and as such requires investment in empowering voters through information, awareness and motivation for participation besides enabling a voter to appreciate significance and relevance of ethical voting.
  6. 9 downloads

    In this issue, we bring to you experiences of different EMBs on “Making Polling Stations Accessible and Voter Friendly” besides some articles on “Inclusion and Equal Access” and much more in intresting presentations.
  7. 7 downloads

    In this issue, we bring to you a bouquet of articles on the theme ‘Voter Education through Educational Institutions’. This theme primarily focuses on introducing greater electoral awareness and sensitivity for future generations of voters and electoral participants, an issue that has great significance and relevance for investment in the future of Electoral Democracy.
  8. 11 downloads

    Through this issue, we bring to you the knowledge and experience on ‘Digital Technology and Social Media for Voter Education’ with rich contributions from the EMBs of Brazil, Ecuador, Fiji, India, Iraq, Kenya (by IFES) and Nepal besides an article from IFES. Expert contribution through in-house research brings comprehensive and analytical information on the subject in relation to Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States of America in the form of ‘Insights’. Further, we have added a special section with articles dedicated to ‘Inclusion of PwDs’ in electoral process in line with theme adopted for celebration of 8th National Voters’ Day of India. The section carries highlights of the International Conference organized by the ECI, on the subject, and rich experience sharing from Australia, Bhutan, Ecuador, India and Moldova, International IDEA and IFES etc. I thank the authors of the articles and compliment them for their valuable contributionto enrich knowledge base and experience sharing for the readership of VoICE International
  9. 6 downloads

    The fourth issue of VoICE International that marks the completion of Volume I. VoICE.NET has further grown with joining in of the EMBs of Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe and Taiwan as the new members of the VoICE International. That takes our membership to 27 which includes 24 EMBs and 3 Expert International Institutions.
  10. 8 downloads

    The third issue of VoICE International with a robust response and an encouraging participation from democracies across the world.
  11. 10 downloads

    The second quarterly issue of the VoICE International with the central theme ‘Gender: Voter Education for Enhancing Women’s Participation’. This issue of the VoICE International seeks to present the experiences of different countries for knowledge sharing and learn from each for enhancing women’s electoral participation
  12. 8 downloads

    The inaugural issue of VoICE International appears as a knowledge platform where we get to learn from each other through our constant sharing of rich and vibrant experiences and major initiatives undertaken with regards to voter education. It may not be picture perfect at the moment, but we are confident that it will hugely evolve as time progresses with more contributions in future issues.

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