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    "The Journal consists of the goodwill messages from the Heads of Election Management Bodies and highlights the research papers, articles, book reviews, etc. from eminent writers and experts and also includes peer reviewed contributions from across the democracies of the world in the area of Elections and Electoral Democracy. The A-WEB India Journal of Elections (AWI-JoE) is a copyrighted material. Therefore, prior permission of the publisher i.e. the Election Commission of India shall be required before reproduction, distribution or transmission of any content of the Journal in any form or by any means except in the case of references and brief quotations embodied in the reviews. "
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    This issue of Voice international brings to you a very rich experience from different countries such as Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Fiji, India, Lesotho, Malawi, Moldova and other countries. Features Argentina Electoral Challenges in the times of Pandemic Belarus Belarus holds Elections during the Pandemic Bosnia and Herzegovina Strategies for Managing Elections amidst Pandemic Croatia Elections in the times of Pandemic Croatian Experience Fiji Managing Elections amidst Pandemic: Fijian Experience India Redefining Election Management amidst Pandemic: Indian Experience Lesotho Strategies for Managing Elections in Pandemic Malawi Malawi goes for Presidential Elections amidst Pandemic Moldova Training of Electoral Officials in Moldova amidst Pandemic International IDEA Chronological Analysis of COVID-19 on Elections IFES Preserving Electoral Integrity during an Infodemic Inclusion & Meaningful Participation amidst COVID-19 Legal Considerations when Delaying or Adapting Elections Election Considerations in Pacific during an Infodemic Safeguarding Health Elections amidst COVID-19 Global Perspective International Experiences in Conducting Elections during COVID-19 Insights Risk Mitigation measures for National Elections during COVID-19 Communication Guidelines for EMBs during COVID-19 Co-operation with Civil Society during the Pandemic Lessons from Elections during COVID-19: Republic of Poland Endeavours Educating Youth via Winter School in Georgia NEC shares Election Disinfection Experience with Kyrgyz Republic Malawi holds BRIDGE Course for New Commissioners IIIDEM conducts training amidst the ‘new normal’ in Pandemic Webinars Sharing Experienes on Issues, Challenges and Protocols for Conducting Elections during COVID-19 Poll Station Management during a Pandemic How can EMBs Manage Turnout during a Pandemic? Strategies for International and Domestic Election Observation in Asia during COVID-19 Global Election Updates International IDEA’s Global Monitor tracks impact of COVID-19 Guidelines for Electoral Activities during COVID-19 Parliamentary Elections held in Kyrgyz Republic Dominican Republic conducts Extraordinary General Elections Mongolia Conducts Parliamentary Elections ECI hosts International Election Visitors Programme Cambodia launches online name search service for voters Rapid response protects Serbian Voters in National Elections Publications VoICE International launches Volume IV Issue I Report on COVID-19 & Democracy Calls for urgent measures My Vote Matters Vol II Issue 1 released Indigenous Peoples’ Rights In Constitutions Assessment Tool Maintaining Safety and Trust in Elections during the Pandemic IDEA-Parliaments and Crisis: Challenges and Innovations Political Parties during Lockdown and Social Distancing Glossary & Quiz
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    The date for receipt of research papers with abstracts, Articles, Book Reviews etc. for Issue - 2 of the Journal AWI- JOE has been extended to 31st July 2021. A-WEB India Journal of Elections (AWI-JOE) is a journal, independent in nature, whose policy is set by its Editorial Board in consultation with its Advisory Board. AWI-JOE is envisaged to be a journal of the highest international standards and includes peer reviewed contributions from Members of the A-WEB community, Partner Organisations and beyond. AWI-JOE will essentially publish three types of Papers: Research Papers, Articles and Book Reviews. When submitting a contribution to the AWI-JOE, authors are requested to indicate the category in which their manuscript falls. Research Papers should generally be between 4,000 and 10,000 words in length. Research Papers above 10,000 words will be considered only in exceptional circumstances. Articles should be up to 4,000 words in the form of highly accessible papers with a view to present major ideas concisely and succinctly. Some issues of the Journal may also contain 5,000 to 12,000 words Review Article – either in the form of a detailed discussion of a single book or as a review of some specific area of a discipline. The Journal will also publish Opinions, Book Reviews Comments in response to AWI-JOE Research Papers or Articles and Notes on topics of current or contemporary interest. While the length of such contribution in the form of ‘Opinions’, ‘Book Reviews’ may go up to 4000 words, the Comments should be limited to not more than 1000 words.
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    Conduct of Elections in India International Election Visitors Programme 2021 Perspectives by Umesh Sinha, Secretary General, ECI Mona Sreenivas, Director, ECI
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    Bihar Assembly Election 2020 -CEO, Bihar Office of Chief Election Officer, Bihar
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    INTERNATIONAL ELECTION VISITORS PROGRAMME 2021 For Assam, Kerala, Puducherry,Tamil Nadu and West Bengal Lagislative Assembly Elections 5th-6th April 2021 Making our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe & Informed Venue : Sovereign Hall-2 Hotel Le Meridien, Windsor Place, New Delhi
  10. ECI

    International Election Visitors Programme 2021

    International Election Visitors Programme 2021 5th - 6th April 2021

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