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    Results Trends TV


    Earlier the results were primarily displayed only through the website which used to get updated at certain intervals. There had been minimal interactive platform for direct citizen engagement.

    Election Commission of India has launched Election Trends TV, on which the graphically-rich micro-details of trends & results are published in real-time. As and when the counting data for each round is entered after officially it's been declared by the Returning Officers, the data is displayed on the Election Trends TV, without any manual intervention using advanced secured technologies. These panels can be customized and configured, for display automatically in public places using large TV Panels by Returning Officers & Chief Electoral Officers.

    The results trends tv was launched on 24th Oct 2019


    The counting software developed by ECI i.e. ENCORE (Enabling Communications on Real-time Environment) allows Returning Officers to enter counting data which is available through Election Trends TV. Only the Officers involved in Elections and registered in ENCORE for their respective State, District and Constituency and can customize this through their authorized login.

    The customization can be done to view the results of a complete state or selected Constituencies.

    The results are shown with the Infographics and displayed with auto-scroll panels thtrends-tv1.jpg.8a45a11d2bbb8b06adbc32cad7e54ff6.jpgrough large display screens outside the counting hall or any public place.

    This new Arrangement made by Election Commission of India for prompt and accurate dissemination of results has created a milestone in the way of displaying the Election Results in Public places on larger screens. The media houses can now get the results in real-time by viewing the results through the Results Trends Tv. 


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