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IEVP 2021

ECI hosts International Virtual Election Visitors Programme (IVEP) 2021 for Election Management Bodies (EMBs)/Organisations from 26 countries  and three International Organisations.

International Webinar

International Webinar on ‘Issues, Challenges and Protocols for Conducting Elections during COVID-19 : Sharing Country Experiences’ organised on 21st September 2020

Release of the first document of India A-WEB Centre

“Brief Profiles of Countries, EMBs and Partner Organizations of A-WEB” 

India Chairs A-WEB

CEC, Sh Sunil Arora was elected as the new Chairman of Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) for the term 2019-21 as India took over the Chair from Romania at the 4th General Assembly of A-WEB

VoICE International declared as the Magazine of A-WEB

VoICE International was declared as the official magazine of the A-WEB at the 4th General Assembly of A-WEB at Bengaluru on September 03, 2019.

Release of VoICE International

The released issue of the magazine was based on theme ‘Best Practices, Innovations and Initiatives for Enhancing Voter Participation’.

4th General Assembly of A-WEB

More than 110 delegates from 45 countries attended the 4th General Assembly of A-WEB

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    Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System


    In the earlier scenario the registration process for the political party was completely offline with little visibility for the applicants.

    The Election Commission of India has reviewed the system and process of registration of political parties and decided to implement “Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System'' (PPRTMS) through an online portal, to facilitate tracking of the status of the application by applicants. 

    In this Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System the applicant, who is applying for party registration from 1st January 2020 onwards can track the progress of his / her application and get status updates through SMS and email.

    The URL for tracking the Political party is here: https://pprtms.eci.gov.in/

    This application was launched by ECI on 1st January, 2020.


    1. ECI’s real-time tracking platform for political parties:-
      The applicant is required to provide a mobile number and email address of the party/applicant personal information in his application, Applicant can also track the progress of application against their application number and receive the status through SMS and email.
    2. Secure and dual verification login for political Parties applicant:- 
      Political Party Applicant can view their application status after two-factor verification
      1. OTP verification
      2. Application number
    3. Non-accessible to other than political parties Applicants. It can be accessed only by the authenticated user and dual verification required for application tracking status. 
    4. Real-time status of each action taken by ECI Officials. 
      ECI receives the application and converts into digital form through PPRTMS application and thereafter applicant will receive application number through SMS and email during application digitization. 

    pprtms1.thumb.jpg.71821ac771043885a6446f93506d5855.jpgProcess Flow

    1. User authentication through OTP
    2. Track the status of the application on the website.
      1. Received in ECI 
      2. Acknowledgement of Application
      3. Time-Barred
    3. Next to tracking status of the application.
      1. Shortcoming/Defect
      2. Communication received
      3. Publish Public Notices in Newspapers
      4. Hearing Scheduled
      5. Name change
      6. After Hearing Defect
    4. Final status of the application 
      1. Registered
      2. Rejected
      3. Closed


    Political Party application status is the first step towards an online application management system, where the user may know the application status through web application after authentication of mobile number and input of application number. Later full-fledged application will come into force so that political parties can apply directly online. 

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