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    MCC Relaxation & Violation Portal


    The usual process for seeking relaxation under Model Code of Conduct has been a manual process. The Ministries / Departments keep on requesting the status of their relaxation requests from the ECI. This creates a disturbance in the processing of the application. 

    While ECI regularly issues notices to MCC violators, there has not been any central database for publications of all such cases.

    One unified portal for Model Code of Conduct Relaxation Request and Violations publication. The Central Government Ministries / State Government Ministries/departments can directly lodge the Model Code of Conduct relaxation requests online and receive their clearance online. 

    Similarly, the Chief Electoral Officer using the MCC Violation Reporting Portal can digitize the cases of the violations and make it online for public viewing. 

    The application was launched on 3rd April 2019 during Parliamentary Elections of 2019.  The MCC portal can be accessed by visiting this portal https://cvigil.eci.gov.in/ 

    Functionality/ Features of the application

    MCC Relaxations:

    Users Actions/Responsibilities
    State Secretaries Case initiator
    Screening Committee
    • Review the Relaxation cases
    • Drop or Recommend to CEO
    • A/C setup for State Secretaries/ Department and screening committee (Chief Secretary)
    • Drop, Decide, Escalate to ECI
    ECI Decide, Ask for More Information

    Process Flow


    MCC Violations


    The outcome of the application

    In Earlier elections, all relaxations and violation cases were handled manually and it was very time-consuming. This portal was introduced during Lok Sabha election 2019. Since inception states secretaries logged 889 relaxation request and central ministries logged total 131 cases so far.  Portal received a total of 512 cases for MCC violations since inception and are made available online through the portal.

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