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    Index Card & Statistical Reporting


    Earlier, there was a separate Index card application which has to be entered by each of the returning officers. The data from the counting table had to be first migrated into a separate Index card application, and thereafter the data would be edited and corrected to generate the print copy of the index cards.

    Index card module of ENCORE allows the Returning Officer to fill the Index card online after counting that contains each and every detail of elections from the schedule of elections to the declaration of results. This module helps the Election Commission to generate different statistical reports that are then published on the ECI website for Public view and analysis.

    Upon the successful launch of Index Card Application, the process of publication and verification has been simplified. The application was launched on 24 May 2019


    • Online Index Card 
      Once the counting is completed, each Returning officer fills the Index card online for their respective constituency that contains the complete information of elections like Electors, Voters, Candidates, Party, Votes, Results and Returned candidate etc.
    • Verification of Data
      The data entered online by Returning officers for their constituency is verified by Chief Electoral Officer and then by the Statistical Division of ECI. The system is designed in such a way that it provides a great help to the verifying officers by showing the exceptions where the data is not entered correctly.
    • Generation of Statistical Reports
      Different Statistical reports are generated on the verified data of Index card entered in the system. An additional feature is provided where the reports are first generated as a draft to get it verified by the senior officers of ECI and then final Reports are generated and the complete data is frozen and made non-editable.

    The Reports like Highlights of Elections, Party performance, Constituency wise Voter turnout, List of Participated and Successful Candidates, Party wise seats won etc. are published on ECI website.



    The integration of Index card into ENCORE has brought consistency in the publication of final results data. 34 types of statistical reports are generated from the system which is all automated. The Statistical Division gets the portal to cross-check and validate the data before publication.

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