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    Voter Turnout APPs


    The display of the voter turnout has been very limited and was only by way of press releases. The voters did not come to  know about the voter turnout on a real-time basis.

    Voter Turnout App made it easy for the users to view the real-time information about the estimated voter turnout on their mobile phones during the General Election 2019. Voter Turnout App is used to display real-time voter turnout details of each Assembly Constituency/ Parliamentary Constituency including the number of men, women and third gender. Not only citizens but the application can also be used by media houses to capture live voter turnout data.

    The Voter Turnout application allows citizens to access the cumulative voter turnout percentage overall as well as for each state separately. The app also allows the user to share the poll percentage with their contact via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Whatsapp. The application was launched on 18 April 2019

    The application is available from google play store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.eci.pollturnout&hl=en_IN


    The application is designed to show the Estimated Voter Turnout for each state which can be drilled down to District and Constituency level. 
    The information is displayed in real-time from the Voter Turnout ENCORE Server. There is no data entry provision in Voter Turnout App, as it is only meant for the dissemination of the estimated Voter turnout percentages.

    voter-turn-out2.jpg.27478347a6992edfca0bbd4717802252.jpgThe main features of the App are:

    • Estimated Voter Turnout live poll percentage (Poll Day)
    • Share poll percentage (Via Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, Gmail etc.)
    • Filter Election type (to view Election wise, State-wise, District wise, Constituency wise)


    The application has been used extensively by the media and other users ever since it was launched. During the poll days this application was used by 2,08,602 users to view the turnout. A sharing option was introduced where a user can share turnout directly from the app to social media. 


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