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    There was a time when two key words, free and fair, were sufficient to describe a good election; however, as stated in the Charter of A-WEB, adjectives like inclusive, participatory, and transparent are now also required to explain what constitutes a well-run election. Such change reflects the enlarged role of an EMB in ensuring an accurate representation of citizens’ ideas through free and fair elections.

    However, the problem is that the newly established democratic election management bodies have neither capability nor resources to achieve their goals all at the same time. These EMBs are asked to meet the principles of a democratic election, the principles which democratically advanced countries have achieved one by one over the past few centuries. Moreover, due to political and systemic insecurity in the countries in transition to democracy, the international community's economic development assistance is not able to bring a substantial outcome. Recognizing this vicious cycle, the Association of World Election Bodies was founded to systematically support the nascent democracies to achieve good governance and socio-economic improvements that are sustained under political stability.

    Based on these thoughts, A-WEB supports each EMB’s capacity building efforts. For democracy must grow together, we must share our experience and ideas. The international community will foster a venue for a mutual growth through an active cooperation. For this purpose, A-WEB provides training for election officials and organizes various election observations. A-WEB also plans and implements country programs to improve electoral democracy and works in collaboration with other international organizations with a goal of spreading the democratic election system around the globe and taking actions responding to the political and electoral issues of our time.

    A-WEB’s dauntless efforts run on the fuel of passion for the cooperative development of democracy. We are A-WEB, the Association of World Election Bodies.

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